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21octAll DayThe Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein

The Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein


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It was August 1942, and Allied forces found themselves in a perilous situation as Axis forces advanced from Tobruk to the small Egyptian town of El Alamein, a gateway to Cairo.

Commanded by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, otherwise known as the ‘Desert Fox’, Axis forces were set to take Egypt as well as the strategically important Suez Canal.

Rommel’s thirteen divisions, five hundred tanks and 100,000 men had closed both flanks of the Mediterranean in the north and the Qattara Depression in the south.

Winston Churchill, realising the impending defeat of Allied forces in North Africa, ordered a shakeup of command and appointed General Bernard Montgomery to take over the defence of El Alamein from General Claude Auchinleck.

Montgomery immediately began making changes to Allied tactics including improving Army, Navy and Air Force relations to ensure a more unified strategy, all while the Allied army grew steadily in strength with the arrival of more troops and equipment.

Rommel attempted an attack between 30 August and 7 September but Montgomery’s 8th Army held its ground, as the Axis advantage began to collapse.

Finally, the pendulum swung in the Allies favour and on the night of the 23 October 1942, they launched their offensive, heralded by a massive artillery barrage.

By the 11 November 1942, after fierce fighting, the Allies had secured a decisive victory. Over 30,000 prisoners were taken as the Afrika Korps retreated, despite Hitler’s orders to ‘stand and die’.


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