Meidum Pyramid

Meidoum pyramid

Started as a Step Pyramid yet then changed over into a true pyramid, the pyramid at Meidum marks the progress from Old Kingdom.

Meidoum pyramid

A Brief History Of Meidum Pyramid

Historical records demonstrate that the pyramid was worked for Pharaoh Huni who was the last leader of the third Dynasty. Development was not finished amid Huni’s rule, but rather it was kept amid the rule of Pharaoh Sneferu.

Initially, the pyramid was intended to be constructed following the run of the mill stone pyramid plan which had been created by an engineer known as Imhotep. In any case, the designer in charge of structuring the pyramid chose to make various plan changes. He additionally rolled out these improvements after development of the pyramid was at that point in progress.

Visiting Meidum Pyramid

In addition to this pyramid, visitors can likewise observe a another pyramid on the south side, situated in the middle of the Meidum Pyramid and the fenced in area divider. You can likewise investigate a commemoration sanctuary on the east side and an adjacent mastaba of an obscure respectable.

On the off chance that you need to enter pyramid, you should enter by means of a criminal’s passage. The underlying piece of the passage is very steep and furthermore restricted; something worth reasoning about in case you’re awkward being in bound spaces. Nonetheless, when the passage achieves the chamber it turns out to be very open.

Meidoum pyramid

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