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3,000-Year Old Tattooed Mummy Belongs to Egyptian Woman

October 24, 2018
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According to a press release by the Ministry of Antiquities, a mummy uncovered in Deir El-Madina Village on the West Bank of Luxor featuring 30 tattoos belongs to a young woman.

3,000-Year Old Tattooed Mummy Belongs to Egyptian Woman- My Egypt Travel

The mummy was found in 2014 by the French Archaeological mission from the French Institute of Oriental Studies (IFAO) which carried out the scientific research of the mummy and its tattoos using infrared technology.

Dr. Mostafa Waziri, General Secretary of the Supreme council of Antiquities explained that the studies revealed that woman probably had lived between 1300 and 1070 BC and died between 25 to 34 years old.

3,000-Year Old Tattooed Mummy Belongs to Egyptian Woman- My Egypt Travel

The mummy has 30 unique tattoos etched on different parts of the body, including the neck, back, shoulders and arms. The tattoos are of bulls, lotus flowers, a group of cattle and the Udjat eye, which reflect that this mummy belongs to a woman who had an important religious status during her lifetime.

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Low-cost flights between Red Sea resorts and Sphinx Airport available soon

October 22, 2018
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Chief of the General Tourist Guide Syndicate Hassan al-Nahla announced a plan to cooperate with tourism and aviation companies to organize low-cost one-day trips for tourists from hotels and resorts in the Red Sea, Sharm al-Sheikh and Luxor to Sphinx International Airport, west of Giza.

Low-cost flights between Red Sea resorts and Sphinx Airport available soon- My Egypt Travel

Nahla said on Sunday that these trips will be launched soon to visit archaeological and tourist areas in Cairo and Giza. He added that one-day trips through the Sphinx Airport will save time the 10 hour bus trips to go and return on the same day between Hurghada and Cairo.

Nahla also explained that the flights will be low costs and at different routes to various tourist areas, in order to support tourism, promote sustainable development and enable tourists to visit more than one tourist destination in Egypt.

The Sphinx International Airport received its first test flight last week.

The new LE 300 million airport lies west of Cairo, and is anticipated to hold great touristic importance due to how close it is to the Giza Pyramids, the Grand Egyptian Museum, and other historic areas in Cairo and Giza.

Construction work on the Sphinx Airport began in 2016, registered and calibrated by the ICAO. Built as the 33rd airport in Egypt’s history, it is located at the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

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Tomb of a Pharaoh’s ‘Sole Friend’ and ‘Keeper of the Secret’ Found in Egypt

October 14, 2018
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The remains of a tomb complex belonging to the “sole friend” of an Egyptian pharaoh have been discovered near a pyramid at Abusir in Egypt.

The burial site contains the remains of a small chapel and tomb. Inside the tomb, which was robbed in ancient times, archaeologists found the remains of a statue with inscriptions referring to a priest named Kaires who was “sole friend of the king” and “keeper of the secret of the Morning House” — the place where the pharaoh got dressed and ate breakfast, a team of archaeologists with the Czech Institute of Egyptology said in a statement Oct. 2.

Tomb of a Pharaoh's 'Sole Friend' and 'Keeper of the Secret' Found in Egypt- My Egypt Travel

The archaeologists aren’t sure which pharaoh the inscription is referring to, but they have some clues: The tomb complex was found near a pyramid belonging to the pharaoh Neferirkare (reign 2446–2438 B.C.); and another of the titles recorded on his statue says that Kaires was “inspector of the priests serving in the pyramid complexes” belonging to Neferirkare and his predecessor, Sahure.

The statue lists several other important titles held by Kaires: “overseer of all king’s works” and “foremost of the House of Life,” which was a library of sorts that contained papyri that recorded knowledge on a variety of subjects, the archaeologists said in the statement. Very few papyri dating back more than 4,000 years have been found in Egypt.

No idle boast
The archaeologists will never know if Kaires was truly a “sole friend” to one or more pharaohs. However, he must have been highly regarded judging by his elaborate burial, the archaeologists noted. He was buried in a place reserved exclusively for members of the royal family and the highest state dignitaries, they said.

Additionally, the chapel at the site has basalt blocks at its base, something that is highly unusual given that only the pharaohs themselves were allowed to use basalt in tomb construction, the archaeologists said.

Although Kaires’ sarcophagus was found in his tomb, his mummy has not been found yet, but excavations are ongoing.

The Czech Institute of Egyptology is based at Charles University in Prague. The archaeologists’ expedition to Abusir is led by Miroslav Bárta, who is a professor at the institute. The excavations are being carried out in cooperation with the Egyptian antiquities ministry.

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14-year-old Egyptian Girl Breaks World Record for the Longest Dive

October 6, 2018
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After staying under water for two days and seven hours, an Egyptian 14-year-old girl, Reem Ashraf managed on to break the world record for the longest dive.

Ashraf made it into the Guinness World Record after she achieved the world’s longest dive inside Gulf of Aqaba’s waters in Sharm al-Sheikh for 55 hours on Friday.

14-year-old Egyptian Girl Breaks World Record for the Longest Dive- My Egypt Travel

According to Ashraf’s official page of on Facebook, Reem was able to break the record for the longest dive recorded in the Guinness World Records in the name of Australian girl Christine Coyle, “38 years”, who achieved dive of 15 hours under water.

Ashraf began the challenge on Wednesday morning in Sharm al-Sheikh city in South Sinai; she became the youngest Egyptian to set the world record for staying underwater.

According to media statements from Reem to the privately-run Arab TV channel of Al-Arabyia, she decided to learn diving after being inspired by her father who works as an officer in the navy forces.

She also noted that she has received a perfect training on how stay underwater for the longest time possible depending only on liquids for ingestion; moreover she received training on how to sleep under water.

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San Al-Hagar archaeological site’s conversion to open-air museum of ancient Egyptian art making progress

October 2, 2018
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The Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Enany and an entourage of foreign ambassadors embarked on an inspection tour Saturday to the San Al-Hagar archeological site to assess the progress being made to develop the Sharqiya Governorate site into an open-air museum for ancient Egyptian art.

San Al-Hagar archaeological site's conversion to open-air museum of ancient Egyptian art making progress- My Egypt Travel


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Egypt says village found in Nile Delta predated pharaohs

September 28, 2018
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Egypt said Sunday that archeologists have unearthed one of the oldest villages ever found in the Nile Delta, with remains dating back to before the pharaohs.
Egypt says village found in Nile Delta predated pharaohs
The Antiquities Ministry said the Neolithic site was discovered in Tell el-Samara, about 140 kilometers (87 miles) north of Cairo. Chief archaeologist Frederic Gio said his team found silos containing animal bones and food, indicating human habitation as early as 5,000 B.C.

That would be some 2,500 years before the Giza pyramids were built.

In recent years, Egypt has touted discoveries in the hopes of reviving tourism after the unrest that followed its 2011 popular uprising.

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